LTE-Advanced Release 11: Can PDCCH and E-PDCCH be transmitted together?

Questions / Problems description: When E-PDCCH is transmitted in PDSCH, does the subframe still allocate the same amount of resource for PDCCH? Should the UE search both PDCCH’s and E-PDCCH’s search space? Answer: According to the requirement for LTE-Advanced to … Continue reading

SON in LTE – additional materials from IS-Wireless

Here are some additional materials from tutorial entitled ‘SON in LTE’ delivered during the event ‘Lunch with LTE’ in November 2013 in Warsaw, Poland. If you are interested in attending top in class LTE/LTE-Advanced courses, please have a look here or … Continue reading

LTE UL Power Control: Additional Maximum Power Reduction (A-MPR) parameter signalling

Questions / Problems description: The Network Signalling NS_X value may be sent by eNode B anytime? In a handover procedure, the eNodeB may request that the UE change its RF specifications for a new condition (A-MPR)? If yes, what message … Continue reading