LTE: UE Downlink Throughput Limitation

Questions / Problems description: How to know from L3 message the UE downlink throughput is limited by: 1. Transmission Capacity, 2. MME UE configuration (means USIM config to limited the DL throughput). Answer: There are three types of throughput limitations: … Continue reading

LTE MIMO: Do LTE PHY Layer uses SVD?

Questions / Problems description: Do LTE physical layer need using a SVD decomposition in case 4×4 antena structure. Answer: Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) is one of the possible approaches for MIMO decoding (aka deprecoding). Deprecoding takes place in the receiver … Continue reading

LTE-Advanced Release 11: Can PDCCH and E-PDCCH be transmitted together?

Questions / Problems description: When E-PDCCH is transmitted in PDSCH, does the subframe still allocate the same amount of resource for PDCCH? Should the UE search both PDCCH’s and E-PDCCH’s search space? Answer: According to the requirement for LTE-Advanced to … Continue reading